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Solar PV Structures

We offer wide range of products and services for solar structures for Photovoltaic (PV) Roll forming of solar structure sections thickness ranging from 1.25mm thick to 6.0mm thick.
Manufacture of sections with post forming opertaions like punching, slotting & Nothing.
Fabrication of solar mounting structures as per customers requirements.
Hot dip galvanizing of solar mounting structures as per customers requirements.

Solar PV Structures
Solar PV Structures


Solar Panel Mounting service (In-House Facilities)
  • Mechanical Tool Design
  • Roll Forming
  • Structure Design
  • Online Punching
  • Coil Slitting & Punching
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
Cold Forming Process
  • Slitted Longitudinally to the customized width.
  • Tools are designed.
  • Strip of Coil Passes through Series of Rollers
    at Room Temperature to Get the Desired Shapes & Length
  • Punching is done as per the Requirement.
Raw Material
  • Hot Rolled
  • Width - 70 to 400 mm
  • Thickness - 2 to 6 mm
  • Grade - IS 2062, ISI 078, Fe 410, Fe 510
  • Galvanizing - 550 gsm/m2

Our Product Profile :
  • Solar Power Plant Structures
  • Profiles for solar projects
  • Roll forming profiles for solar projects
  • H beam bars for solar projects
  • Steel profiles for Solar projects
  • Solar profiles for solar projects
  • Module mounting structure for solra projects
  • Cold rolled structure for solar projects.
  • Pre-galvanised structures for solar projects
  • Solar panel support structures
  • Solar Parking structures
  • Solar support structures
  • Solar mounting structures
  • Solar Panel Mounts
  • Solar Mounting rails
  • Solar Profiles



We are manufacturing solar panel mounting structures as per client requirements,
we have very efficient design and manufacturing team to develop structure with high strength and easy to install.we make structure of material MS and Aluminum.

At PMPL, we can provide the following solutions as per project requirements.
• Fixed type module mounting structures.
• Seasonal tilt adjustable module mounting structures
• Single axis daily tracking structures.


Solar Panel Support Structures (For Solar Power Projects)
With more and more awareness being generated about solar energy in our country, the demand for solar pnel support structures has als been constantly on the rise.
PMPL manufacturers these solar panel support structures in compliance with tot quality international standards to give long lasting structures for these projects.

Solar Module Mounting Structure
These are module mounting structures where solar panels are mounted.
They support solar models from the roof. being imported structural elements, they must be manufactured exactly to specification.
These structures are as important as Modules.

These structures are light in weight and durable as they are designed to ensure optimal weight to walt ratio.

Solar Panel Support Structures

Module Mounting Structure
These easy to install structures provide an excellent solution to rural properties as they can be used on mountainous arough terrain. our ground based module maounting structures can be quickly delivered and are easy to install. These durable structures and an ideal solution for rupal properties as they can be used to mount photovoltaic panels on mountainous and rough terrain.

Application :

  • Roof top Structures
  • Ground Mounted Structures

  • Advantages :
  • Very high Strength-to-weight ratio; high strength, low cost.
  • Significantly reduces installation time.
  • No site drilling or cutting required.
  • Maintenance-free owing to application of proper surface finish.
  • Factory-finished, cut to exact lengths with pre-punched holes to avaoid time and material wastage.
  • Accessories like, connecting plates, angles slicing plates supplies along with main structure.
  • Ground Based Module Mounting Structure

    Ground Based Module Mounting Structure :
    At PMPL, we offer end-to-end solutions for ground based module mounting structures for solar installations, from design and Fabrication to galvanisation.
    Roof Mounted Structures :
    In a world of escalating real estate prices, ground space is at a premium. PMPL roof mounted strcturess therefore are the perfect solution for urban environments. Our products are specifically designed to be lightweight to project the underlying roof structure. These easy to install structures are economical and are designed to withstand higher load and extreme conditions. Standardised and modular designs allows for maximum utilisation of roof space. Our design ensures minimum drilling to avoid roof leakage. With flexiblity in product assembly, numerous layout options and advancements in structural engineering, we can design and install products with optimal usage of spacce, given module size and energy need. We supply module, mounting structures for both flat roofs and sloped roofs (tile / sheet roofs).


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